What I do

I have completed my two years of masters in Computer Science and Informatics from Roskilde University (Denmark). I learned IT development, Programming, IT architect, Business analytics, Data Science, AI and Machine Learning during my study, even though other core areas of Informatics and Computer Science. I am eager to enter the workforce.

Working Hard

If there's something already done, it can be done even better.

IT Support & Operation

Manage installations, upgrades and configurations of hardware and software also monitor their underlying infrastructure to keep the communication alive.

Web Develop

Learning is a continuous process to be a developer.

Data Science

The better the relation goes, better the results will be.

Hello! This is Azizul Huq

I am practical, responsible, cooperative with everyone. My sincerity and self-motivation always help me to reach my goals in life. Because of my interest in IT, I always try to get a vendor certificate by studying new terms in IT. If I do not know something or facing a problem to solve the task, I always try my best to solve it with the help of Google until I reach the goal.

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Web Applications Completed


Data Science Project


Linux Project


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My Skills

Fast learning, Teamwork, Innovative, Perception of problems, Co-Operative, Organization, Trust

No matter how complex the work it's gonna be, or how difficult is the problem, there's always two ways to find the solution, the lucky one or the efficient one. My objective it's to always go for the most EFECTIVE and EFFICIENT, because there's nothing that a work well done.

    Java Script
    Python Data Science
    Windows Server
    Web Master
    IT Support

My Resume / Educational

Here goes all my progress in the academic world.

Msc in computer Science and informatics


Roskilde University - Denmark

Master of Science in Computer Science & Engineering


Stamford University - Bangladesh.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


National University - Bangladesh.

My Resume / Working Experience

Now, comes the labour area.

Agni System Ltd(I.S.P)

Asst.System Administrator


System maintain, Configure and Customer Support.

Desh Online Service(I.S.P)



Computer Assemble, Hardware & Software Installation, Network configuration, support and maintenance.


Different types of IT solution

2018- Till Now

Depends on problem and customer requirement.

My Portfolio

Some of my work and achivement.

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  • Web Develop
  • Data Science
  • IT
  • IT Certification

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GDPR Fundamentals


Programming Essential in Python

Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Fundamentals

Microsoft Certified Azure AI Fundamentals

Microsoft Certified Professional

Red Hat Certified System Engineer

Red Hat Certified System Administrator

Red Hat Certified Technician

Apnic-Introduction to CyberSecurity

Robotic Process Automation

My Service

Work On Time

Always go with the workflow, and beyond that.

Full Time Support

I can bring support to everyone, even outside my area.

Amazing Ideas

Visit the places where the business take place, and analyze every aspect of it.

All Time Active

Even outside my hours, I'm always thinking, how can I make my work better every day.

Team Work

Brainstorming is a good opportunity for the team to exchange ideas and come up with creative ways of doing things. I believe collaboration within a group can help solve difficult problems.

Problem Solver

No matter how big the problem is or are, there's always gonna be an way to solve it.


Persons that support my job and skills.

Contact With Me

If you wish to talk with me feel free to send me an email or an sms.

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Copenhagen, Denmark



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